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Joint pain and cold weather: What you need to do

Winters are here and you would have already heard people talking about their joint issues. But the question is, why does joint pain worsen during the winter? Is it because of the cold temperature or limited activity level? Experts from the best Orthopaedics treatment hospital in Jaipur suggest that many patients suffering from degenerative joint diseases like arthritis report that their symptoms tend to aggravate when the temperature drops, however, there is no particular explanation for it. The relation between cold weather and joint issues has been a topic of debate since ancient times and you will be surprised to know that it dates back to the times of Hypocrites, which is some 2300 years ago. But, even he could not find a satisfactory conclusion. However, research is still going on in the field and we might soon have an answer, but till then, what we need to do is to take extra care of our joints during the winters, to make sure that the pain does not stop us from enjoying the weather.


Here are a few tips that you can follow this winter, to keep your joint pain from aggravating.

Keep your meds on your bedside table - Has it ever happened with you that you forget to take your meds and remember as soon as you enter your cosy bed? Well, it happens with many of us, but, in most cases, we just tend to stay in bed and think that skipping the meds once won't make much difference. Whether you believe it or not, it does, and we only realise it the next day, when our pain becomes unmanageable. Wouldn't it have been easier if you just kept the medicines on the bedside table? In that case, you wouldn't have to come out of your bed at all, and you could just reach out for your medicines while laying there.


Dress up warm - The colder it gets, the warmer you should dress, especially when you are going out. Stay bundled up with layers of sweaters and a jacket or coat on the top. While you are keeping your body warm, don't forget your hands and toes. Don't forget your socks and mittens. Doesn't really matter if you are not dressing to impress, as long as the clothes are keeping you warm.


Avoid bulking in winters - Most of us tend to gain extra pounds during winter. This is mostly because our activity levels tend to fall during winter. To avoid the cold, we tend to stay inside. In many areas, people increase their butter and ghee intake to keep themselves warm. Don't really know whether it is going to help you stay warm or not, but it is surely going to add to your weight. You can get yourself a gym membership during the holidays or simply exercise at home. The choice is yours.


Keep moving - Snuggling under a blanket and watching your favourite series would seem like the best thing to do during winters, but not when your joints are at a stake. Indulging in activities on a daily basis is important for your joints irrespective of whether it is hot or cold outside. Winter is not an excuse for skipping exercise and walks. No doubt you can shift your timing as per your preference but you cannot complete strike it off from your routine. Experts offering the best joint replacement surgery in Jaipur recommend mild to moderate exercise to all their patients

Stay hydrated - Hydration is extremely important for us, especially during the winter months when we naturally tend to decrease our water intake. The drop in temperature does not mean that your body does not need to be hydrated. If you do not feel like drinking plain water, you can take it in the form of green tea or fruit juice, whatever you like, as long as it is healthy and suits you.


If you are finding it difficult to manage your joint pain despite following all the tips, consult the experts from the best hospital in Jaipur to get yourself evaluated.

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